Scam Alert – Fake IRS Phone Calls

SCAM ALERT — FAKE IRS PHONE CALLS Consumers are receiving phone calls and robocalls from individuals claiming to be agents of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).  These bogus calls claim that citizens owe back taxes, threatening them with arrest if they do not pay immediately. Victims have been robbed of …

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Telephone scammers are targeting utility customers in our local area

Telephone scammers are targeting utility customers in our local area. Erwin Utilities customers were targeted the week of January 23rd 2017 to extort money. The scammers are attempting to steal money by calling customers threatening to disconnect power unless credit card information is given over the phone. The caller presents …

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Proud Neighbors

TVA highlights  the essential role of community partnerships in keeping the Tennessee River system clean and features the work our partners do across the Valley to educate and clean up our water and shorelines.  To see the video please click on “Proud Neighbors” above.

Private Water Service Line Insurance

Attention Erwin Utilities’ Customers:  Many Erwin Utilities’ customers have recently received offers for private water service line insurance in the mail.  In response to the many questions from our customers, we would like to provide some helpful information:  Erwin Utilities is not affiliated with any company seeking to offer insurance …

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Can you spare a few pennies to help your neighbor?

The donations collected by Erwin Utilities’ Good Samaritan Fund assist those who are experiencing financial hardship due to job loss, sickness, or other extenuating circumstances.  Erwin Utilities makes it easy to contribute to this worthy cause by rounding up your utility bill to the next whole dollar.  For more information about the Round Up Program …

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Go “Green” with Erwin Utilities and TVA’s Green Power Switch®

Erwin Utilities has partnered up with TVA to offer customers the opportunity to purchase “green power“ in 150-kilowatt-hour blocks.  The cost per month is minimal but can make a substantial impact on the way electricity is generated.  Follow the link under our “Services” tab or click here for more information.

Need to Replace or Install an Electric Water Heater?

Call Erwin Utilities at 423-743-1820 to find out if your purchase qualifies for a $100 rebate.  Qualifying water heaters must be electric and purchased by the account holder; rebates are applied to customers’ utility accounts.