All-Electric New Home Incentives

New homes with high ratings in Comfort, Savings, Quality & Value

Don’t take a chance, build energy right

One of the best ways to save money on a new home is to choose one that’s energy-efficient. Since a home in the Energy Right® Program controls heat loss and gain much better than other homes, you can look forward to year-round savings and comfort with consistent indoor air temperatures. A home in the Energy Right® Program lets you spend less each month on energy bills, so you can have more to spend on other things that make life more comfortable.

Building with the right touch

The benefits of buying a home in the Energy Right® Program just keeps getting better. Homes that meet the standards of the Energy Right® Program have many energy efficient features that ensures you comfort and savings.


Incentives may be available to builders or home buyers who act as their own builders. To find out more, click here New Homes Program.

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