Residential Electrical Permits & Inspections

State of Tennessee Electrical Wiring Permits:

Wiring Permits can be obtained at the Erwin Utilities’ Office.
Inspection Fee Schedule:

Temporary Service 61-200 amp


 Footer Ground Permit




 Final: 61-200 amp


 201-400 amp


 Residential Heating Cooling


 Service Change

Based on service size

 Mobile Home


 Reinspection, if necessary


 Permit Fee


Electrical Inspections:

Electrical service cannot be provided until an approved electrical inspection is made. Inspections are made by the State of Tennessee Deputy Inspector on Monday and Wednesday of each week.  It is the responsibility of the Customer to call the Deputy Inspector to arrange for an inspection. 

Inspector: Raymond Keene
Contact Information:

Monday/Wednesday 547-8646  8:00a.m.-9:00a.m.

Tuesday/Thursday 727-1813      8:00a.m.-9:00a.m.

Building Inspections:

Electric service cannot be provided until a Certificate of Occupancy is released from the Town of Erwin Building Inspector for all new structures requiring Electric, Water, and Wastewater services inside the city.  It is the responsibility of the Customer to call the Building Inspector to arrange for an inspection.

Inspector: Brian Hensley
Phone:             (423)743-6231

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