Heat Pump Financing

Heat Pumps

We’ve taken the sweat out of purchasing an electric heat pump.

An electric heat pump is the most comfortable and efficient way to heat and cool your home. In warm weather it keeps you pleasantly cool, and in cold weather it circulates warm air evenly throughout every room.


Program Benefits

There’s a lot to consider when you’re buying a heating-and-cooling system. One of the benefits of the eScore® Heat Pump Program is access to contractors who can give you expert advice on the right system for you.

Types of Electric Heat Pumps

Air source, dual-fuel, geothermal

Choosing the Right Heat Pump

How do you know what size heat pump to buy? What’s the biggest expense in using a heat pump?

Selecting a Heat Pump Contractor

TVA eScore® offers a Quality Contractor Network (QCN), which is a group of contractors that have met certain criteria and standards with a proven track record of successful installations.

Easy and Affordable Financing – Residential Installations Only

With an electric heat pump, you’ll have much more than a comfortable place to live. You’ll have peace of mind.


Total Financing is $15,000, which covers installation of the heat pump system, as well as bringing attic and floor insulation up to standards. The interest rate is a fixed rate, with a payback period of ten years. Customers may pay the loan off at any time with no penalty.

For further information about the program go to www.vanderbiltescore.com or call 1-888-893-8792.

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