What is Fiber?

When we say “Fiber” we are referring to the fiber optic cable that Erwin Utilities has hung on poles and is running to your home. Fiber optic cables have very small tubes of glass, smaller than the thickness of a human hair. These fibers carry beams of light over them that blink on and off, similar to Morse Code. This version of Morse Code is translated into 1’s and 0’s on each end so that computers and communication equipment can communicate – or as we say, “talk” with each other.

Why is Fiber so great?

Fiber has many benefits of traditional copper wiring that the cable and phone companies use. It is immune from  electromagnetic interference and electricity, which makes both the speed of fiber optics and it’s reliability much better than copper wiring. Fiber is also “future proof” in that when more speed is needed, you can simply change out the electronics on either end. It is FAST, nothing can even come close to the speed of fiber optics. Erwin Utilities will be installing equipment capable of 1Gbps speeds today, and the capability of even higher speeds in the future. 1Gbps is 10 times faster than the fastest available copper based service available today.

What will be installed at my house?

Below is a diagram of what will be installed in your home. Erwin Utilities will bring a fiber optic cable into your house and attach it to a device, which is provided by us as part of the service. This device is called an Optical Network Terminal (ONT) and is very similar to a home router you may already have. Our ONT will connect to your home phones and any Internet capable devices. The ONT will also have WiFi turned on and ready for you to use.

Below is a video on our installation process

Below is a video detailing how we connect your home telephone to our voice service.

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