Private Water Service Line Insurance

Attention Erwin Utilities’ Customers:

 Many Erwin Utilities’ customers have recently received offers for private water service line insurance in the mail.  In response to the many questions from our customers, we would like to provide some helpful information:

 Erwin Utilities is not affiliated with any company seeking to offer insurance for private water service lines.

  • Decisions regarding private service lines are completely up to the customer.
  • We encourage customers to thoroughly investigate the fine print of the policy being offered as well as the reputation of the insurer.
  • The policies may seem inexpensive, but they could result in wasted money if they do not pay when you really need them.
  • Customers are encouraged to check with their current homeowner’s policy to see if they are already covered or if they can obtain a rider policy for their water service line.
  • For more information visit the Better Business Bureau® blog about this subject.

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